Mr. Weasley’s Flying Car

A great device that adds character to HP2 is Arthur Weasley’s flying turquoise car. The car featured in the movie is a Ford Anglia 105E 2-door sedan. The movie was filmed in London, so that accounts for the strange black non-state code licese plate, number 7990 TD. The car dates back to JKR’s eleven-year-old secondary school life. Her friend Sean Harris, who’s name appears on the dedication page of HP2, learned to drive in the car, and gave JK lifts when needed in the Anglia. A die-cast  model of the car is made by Corgi Inc. and is availible worldwide in stores or online. The most spooky fact pertaining to the car is that it shares a drivetrain and engine with another Ford vehicle called the Prefect. It was meant to be.

And now, without further ado, an opinion twist on our latest factoid!

What do YOU think Mr. Weasley’s car should have been if it wasn’t an Anglia?

Create a comment on your opinion and submit it. We’ll later announce who we think suggested the best ride for Mr. Weasley’s personality.

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One Response to Mr. Weasley’s Flying Car

  1. claran says:

    AWESOME! Thanks Zach, I knew I could count on you for this post. To those who couldn’t tell by the post topic, Zach is the person to go to for all things cars (and of course Harry Potter as well). Could you write a post on other car options for Mr. Weasley? That would be awesome….

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