Earth Day!

Wotcher Harry Potter fans!

Happy Earth Day! I hope you enjoy learning about a few simple magic tricks that I am going to post here:

Magic trick #1: The Dice Trick

Here is what you need:

3 die

1 cup


This trick is pretty simple… Tell your friend to drop the three die into a glass filled with water . Make sure that you are facing the opposite direction and your eyes are closed. To make it seem even more real, blindfold  yourself.

Once you are turned around, ask your friend to add up the number of dice facing the bottom of the glass. Once she has, turn around and open your eyes.

Slowly swirl the glass of water with your fingers. Add up the sum of the numbers that are facing the top of the dice very quickly.

Announce her number while you press your fingers against your head, to make it look like you are getting the numbers from the water. Your number should be the same as his or hers.

Magic trick #2: The Card Trick

Here is what you need:

A full deck of cards

A Sorting Hat replica (fine, a normal hat works just as well…).

WOW. This trick is hard. Really hard. To the 1st or 2nd year wizard, I would suggest trying the Dice Trick first.

Anyways, this trick requires a lot of preparation. First, you separate all of the face cards from the deck. Then, categorize the cards so that there are six cards in each deck. Each deck should include one black king, one red king, one black queen, one red queen, one black jack, and one red jack.

Remove one card from one of your decks. You now have one group of five cards and one group of six cards. Hide the group of five cards in your hat.

Now, show the group of six cards to your friend. Tell your friend to pick one card, but make sure you are not looking. After your friend picks the card, tell him or her that he or she must memorize the card but not tell you. Give the subject about 5 seconds to pick and memorize the card, so the chances that they see the other cards decrease.

Now, put the group of six cards into your hat. Keep these separate from the five cards already in your hat.

Take a few seconds of deep concentration, make it really dramatic, as if you are trying to read the cards that are on top of your head.

Now, take out the group of five cards from your head. Innocently tell your subject you removed their card telepathically.

Hope these magic tricks work! Happy Earth Day! 😀 Thanks for visiting this website Harry Potter fans!



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