Trade Points

Wotcher Harry Potter fans!

I just wanted to give you a list of things you could buy:

POST: I will talk about anything you want me to from Harry Potter (I’ll make exceptions for other books and movies if you want to know which other ones I like) . You chose the password. COST: 1,000 HPPs.

POLL: You chose the topic and some answers, and I’ll post it! COST: 300 HPPs.

CERTIFICATE: I will make you a personalized certificate stating that you are the ultimate Harry Potter fan! (This may take a few days). COST: 500 HPPs.

PICS: Just give me some ideas for some cat pics. Example, you might want some pics of what they do with a pencil, or a cat toy. Just let me know! You chose the password. COST: 700 HPPs.

Thanks for visiting this website Harry Potter fans!



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Wotcher people of the Internet! I hope you find this website useful... If you have any questions or comments or basically anything you'd like to tell me, please click here: Thank you for visiting!
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8 Responses to Trade Points

  1. williegrl says:

    I think you should take a pic of Annie in glasses in a robe and holding a tiny broomstick if you cant get her to do that you can always do it in editing

  2. Sarah says:

    😮 *GASP* I think you might have found Annie’s Halloween costume. SHE COULD BE MCGONAGALL! Why didn’t I think of that???

  3. clubpenguinpeep says:

    Lol that would be sooo cool. I dunno why but my fav hp person is voldemort and malfoy!!! They would be a good evil group. (if there was one???)

  4. clubpenguinpeep says:

    Im only on the first book. I dont know much…

    • Sarah says:

      Oh… You don’t even know about her yet………………….. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh.
      If you like villains, you’ll be all over her.
      If you hate them (I don’t think you do) you’ll REALLY hate her.

  5. clubpenguinpeep says:

    I like villans in every movie. I dunno why! There just cool.
    ohh and WOTCHER! Ya im almost on my third book! YAY! Its creepy. The Moaning Mrytle is scary.

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