Death Eater (with Voldemort) Poll

Wotcher Harry Potter fans!

This poll was requested by our Daily Winner, mike1003. 🙂

Thanks for visiting this website Harry Potter fans!



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5 Responses to Death Eater (with Voldemort) Poll

  1. mike1003 says:

    thanks for postin

  2. clubpenguinpeep says:

    DRACO!!!!! YAY!!! I LUV DRACO!

  3. mike1003 says:


  4. clubpenguinpeep says:

    I Know RIGHT!! SOMONE ON MY SIDE! All my friends like Harry and Cedric. And Snape. And Herminonie, Ron, and Dumbledore. Even though im only on the 2nd Book I still know that Dumbledore dies. Snape kills him, Draco tries to. Voldemort ALSO tries to. MAybe I should Put a spoiler alert on this….

    • Sarah says:

      😮 Voldemort is in THIRD! Bellatrix is first. Oooh. I guess that the people that don’t actually comment are Bella fans.

      Either that, or someone used all of their library computers to vote for Bella. 😕 I’m not sure…

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