Lots and Lots of Pics!

Wotcher Harry Potter fans!

I just found a LOT of stunning Wizarding World pics! They weren’t technically allowed though….There are no pictures allowed at this time in the Wizarding World development. Oh well. I still think the pics were beautiful!

Apart from the many brilliant photos, the post also included many details, such as:

  • Hogsmeade Village store fronts contain interactive elements that include the Quick Quotes Quill and plants that spring to life as you pass by.
  • The Ollivander’s Wand Shop experience seems to embody the concept of the wand “choosing” you. Guests work with a “shop owner” to determine which magic wand is the best fit. Guests try to cast spells that include levitating flowers or moving a ladder. If the wand is not a correct fit, special music and lighting makes it clear. A gust of air confirms a right choice.
  • At the Owlry, four different of Harry Potter postmarks are available to choose from.
  • You enter Dragon Challenge (former Dueling Dragons) through the Champion’s tent and you catch a glimpse of the Triwizard Tournament Cup and the golden eggs from the dragon challenge. Shadows of fighting dragons are seen in the tent above the loading area.
  • Street performers include girls from the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic performing a ribbon dance and guys from the Durmstrang Institute wielding staffs. The Hogwarts frog choir is comprised of live singers with puppets who sing the “Something Wicked This Way Comes” song heard on the third Harry Potter film.
  • At the Flight of the Hippogriff attraction, guests have encounters in some form with Hagrid, Fang, and Buckbeak. Before riding, you bow to a full-size moving Hippogriff.
  • Apparel available for purchase includes an “I served time in Azkaban” T-shirt.
  • Astonishing, huh? To see the breathtaking photos, click here. All of the details I have posted also came from this website.

    Thanks for visiting this website Harry Potter fans!


    P.S. The creator of the post on their website has made a spelling error in one of the details. Catch the error and win a free post- your topic, your password.


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    5 Responses to Lots and Lots of Pics!

    1. Blueletket says:

      Found it!
      You said “Owlry”
      It’s Owlery!!!!
      Am I right???
      Is that the mistake????

      • Sarah says:

        YEAH YEAH YEAH!! 😀 What post do you want? Sorry it took so long to get back, your comment made it into my Spam queue for some reason…

        • Blueletket says:

          Can i think about what i want the post to be for like a day or two????
          Uhhh, do you have any ideas of what I can post? Like what you would prefer?

        • Sarah says:

          Well, you can ask for just about anything, most people chose to ask about certain characters, events, what other books and movies I like, etc. etc. And yes, you can wait a few days before deciding, there is no rush. 🙂

    2. Blueletket says:

      It’s Owlery, not Owlry

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