See? SOMEONE Agrees With Me

Wotcher Harry Potter fans!

I always say “wotcher” at the beginning of every post. Every post. ALWAYS. If you aren’t sure what I mean by, “wotcher”, read this from my, “Great Wotcher Revolution” post:

I’m a Tonks (Nyphadora) fan, I think she’s really awesome. :) Then again, I think every Harry Potter character is awesome. :D Anyway, I want to explain what I am trying to do:

Tonks has always said “Wotcher”. It’s what she says! I became curious and wondered what that meant a long time ago, and here is what I’ve found: Wotcher is how British people say, well basically “What’s up?” It’s like a greeting. It means most literally, “What’s up?”, although like in America, it can be used as an unanswered phrase that is responded by “Hi there!”.

What I don’t like is that is a British phrase, so no one in America has any clue what I’m saying! I want to start The Great Wotcher revolution, to put the word Wotcher into our English dictionary, so WordPress will stop giving me the red squiggly line over the word, as if it is misspelled! Anyway, I will start saying “Wotcher” more often, and I would be glad if you did too!

Well, guess what? agrees with me. They drew an amazing picture of Nymphadora Tonks and guess what the URL is called; OOTP stands for “Order of the Phoenix.” Take note how they said, “wotcher” at the end of the URL. Not, “Tonks”, wotcher. Yup, I bet they support the Wotcher Revolution. 😀

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE JOIN THE GREAT WOTCHER REVOLUTION. I will start to award points and prizes if you join and SPREAD THE WOTCHER. EXTREME PRIZES WILL BE GIVEN FOR copying the “Great Wotcher Revolution” widget text (below the widget) , go to your “dashboard”, then “appearance”, then “widgets”, add the “text” widget to your sidebar (or whatever widget bar you like) and paste the widget code.

Thanks for visiting this website Harry Potter fans!



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Wotcher people of the Internet! I hope you find this website useful... If you have any questions or comments or basically anything you'd like to tell me, please click here: Thank you for visiting!
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9 Responses to See? SOMEONE Agrees With Me

  1. Drahpish says:

    why do you use Nymphadora? dont tonks hate being called nymphadora?

  2. Sarah says:

    I said Nyphadora Tonks. There are two Tonks’ so it’s easier to call her by her full name.

  3. Michael Ting says:

    I get it now… Wotcher! I like it!

    I will join your revolution. Actually, I have a list of things I want to get done by the time I turn 30 and one of them is to start a world wide revolution!


    Haha. Well, that’s your revolution, but the fact that you want to start a revolution – that’s very cool.

  4. Sarah says:

    World wide revolution… 🙂 I’m just trying to put it in our dictionary!! 😀 Wish me luck…

  5. clubpenguinpeep says:

    Wotcher!! I am almost DONE WITH BOOK 2!! Good luck. Wotcher! Hi!

  6. Hayden says:

    I put the banner in a post

  7. Hayden says:

    is in a post okay since it’s my friend and my site and I’m not the administrator and he is

  8. Pinkpuff 172 says:

    Ok hi what do i do now?

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