Epilogue Shooting!!

Wotcher Harry Potter fans!!

Guess what? A MuggleNet reader Kevin just visited King’s Cross Station, where the cast of Harry Potter was preparing to shoot the epilogue!! 😀 Here is what he said:
Just returned home, after a big surprise I ran into at Kings Cross Station. Apparantly there was some shooting for a Harry Potter film, and although we haven’t been able to see the actual filming, I will give you as much information as possible. The entire platform was fenced off, and there was alot of security to keep the people out. There were dozens of people standing on the nearest bridge, trying to find out what was happening. First I didn’t realize what was going on, until Tom Felton and Dan Radcliffe arrived at the scene, surrounded by security. From that moment everyone realized it was Harry Potter shooting, and all the cell phones appeared.
There was obviously no time to sign people’s books, because they were gone by that. They looked amazing, because … they’d been turned into adults!! They wore cool costumes that seemed to be a combination between a modern business suit and wizarding robes. Dan’s hairdo looked especially cool: the sides were combed backwards, and the front had this ‘old skool’ wave, on one side. He was a little bit wrinkled, and had facial stubble. Tom looked somewhat older, because his hairline was kinda receding, and it was quite colorless. They both had extremely realistic adult faces. There were also some child actors on the scene, so I guess those are their children. They weren’t dressed wizard-ish, for the record. But I haven’t been able to have a good look. For about twenty minutes we’ve been waiting there, but the actors had obviously taken another exit. Oh, and of course, we saw the Hogwarts Express and its thick, white smoke, and there were alot of extras on the scene, based on what we’ve seen.

And this was entirely on the MuggleNet website. Click here to read it on MuggleNet.com.

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