Forbidden Journey Review

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Inside The Magic has recently released a review of the Forbidden Journey ride! Here is a piece of what they had to say:

From the moment Forbidden Journey begins, guests are thrust into the world of Harry Potter. Familiar sights and scenes are present throughout the ride. I won’t include the actual ride duration here (spoiler-free!), but I will say that it feels longer than it actually is – and I mean that in a good way. Each time you may think the ride is ending, you’ll be amazed to find that there is even more excitement in store.

Encounters along the way evoke excitement, thrills, and even a few sudden startle-scares. In fact, many of the scenes are scary enough that younger gets may actually find them downright frightening. The dimly-lit queue sets the stage for the ride rather well, as most of the scenes within Forbidden Journey are quite dark. Through carefully placed lighting, well-timed special effects, and a fine-tuned ride system, guests are sure to not miss a single happening, but can also be guaranteed to never have a firm grasp on which way is up. Forbidden Journey has the unique ability to simultaneously be completely disorienting and yet still keep the focus on what’s happening around you. And scenes do literally unfold around you. I don’t think there is an inch of the space allotted for this ride that isn’t utilized as part of the show.

It’s tough to compare Forbidden Journey to any other attraction. It’s a truly unique experience, as it combines several styles of rides. It’s a motion simulator. It’s a dark ride. It’s a thrill ride, albeit a somewhat gentle one. Many are comparing it to The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, another state-of-the-art (despite its age) ride that is also at Islands of Adventure. While there are some clear comparisons to be made there, simply due to the fact that both rides utilize a combination of real life elements and film projections, that’s where the comparison ends. Forbidden Journey takes the Spider-Man concept, minus 3-D, and runs with it.

Where Spider-Man takes guests through a comic book world with animated characters, Forbidden Journey immerses you into one featuring real actors and realistic scenes. As such it is easier to scrutinize it. Suspension of disbelief is easy when you are inserted into Spider-Man’s world of primary colors and zany over-the-top characters, but for a ride set in the world of Harry Potter, a certain sense of really real reality needs to be present. Some of the scenes in Forbidden Journey do make you feel like you have entered into true-to-life, but out-of-this-world places. Even so, some moments still fall a bit flat and reveal some obvious flaws that rip you out of the fantasy briefly. These may be improved in time, as Forbidden Journey is still in “technical rehearsals.”

While the amount of entertainment that is packed into Forbidden Journey is impressive, I do feel a couple of the scenes are unnecessarily long and repetitive. Likewise, the actual story line of the attraction is fairly weak and gets lost rather quickly amongst a splattering of familiar Harry Potter scenes and characters. Throughout the ride, Forbidden Journey feels less like it’s telling a story and more like it’s merely a montage of memorable elements from the Harry Potter series all crammed into a single attraction. The Potter-verse is huge and nearly everything that isn’t seen elsewhere in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is included in this ride – sometimes to a fault.

Considering that that was only a little preview of what they had to say, the review was a little long. I like long reviews though, since it gives a lot of information

You can click here to view the full article.

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