Guess Who’s On Wikipedia?


Wotcher Harry Potter fans!

It’s a good day today. My stats were pretty high, so I checked my referrals. You’d never believe what was on top. I saw a link that looked like this:…

So I kinda flipped out. My train of thoughts went something like: Wikipedia?! Why is Wikipedia giving me referrals? Me? Is this a joke or something? So, curiosity got the best of me, forcing me to click that link.

It didn’t take long to load. That Wikipedia page happened to be from the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I soundtrack. Okay, I thought, this is relevant from what I do, but why is this giving me referrals? So I read it (the entire three paragraphs! 😮 Curiosity is hard work. 😉 ) and I saw two different references. I knew then that I was getting way ahead of myself, why would Wikipedia possibly use me as a reference?

I thought then that it was a total mess-up that I received referrals from Wikipedia. I thought maybe WordPress made a mistake (as they say, “…it was probably Matt’s fault”. Off topic, I know, but it made me crack up). I was about to click the “back” arrow key and go back to my stats. Then, my more optimistic side got a hold of me.

I clicked the first link. I didn’t have a lot of hope, but I didn’t have anything to lose either. Link uno was The Leaky Cauldron. Yeah, Leaky. I like Leaky, I just think sometimes it’s not the most child-friendly site.

So, I clicked the second link. I had absolutely no hope. I started to feel really dumb. All hopes I might have had started to slowly fade away into nothing oh, sorry, into nothing.

I was in complete shock. I fell out of my chair. Sitting back up, I thought it was a total mistake. Then I realized, clear as day, I was at my website. This link to be exact. I was beaming. 😀 I was jumping up and down. Wikipedia used me as a reference!!!

They did that whole “cite citation” thing that they love to do. 🙂

In an interview, Desplat stated, “We will start this Summer, it will take me all Summer. I will not have many holidays, but again it’s for good reason – for the soundtrack. I would take every opportunity to use the fabulous theme composed by John Williams. I’d say it has not sufficiently been used in the latest movies, so if I have the opportunity and if the footage allows me, I’m going to arrange it…I shall make it with great honour and pleasure.” [2]

Ah, there’s my beautiful [2]. My very own website on Wikipedia. A spot on the reference link.

To see the astonishing truth for yourself, you can view the Wikipedia page here. It was just created today. 🙂

Thanks for visiting this website Harry Potter fans!



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6 Responses to Guess Who’s On Wikipedia?

  1. Stasiya says:

    Wotcher Sarah!
    awesome ……… wow can’t believe this ….. anyways sarah whats ur email cuz i need to email u some pictures and stuff of Hogwarts and the grand opening cuz i was there!
    and the story that i’m gonna share is the one that my mom made. so can u give me ur email so i can email it to u?

  2. P80228313 NCPI says:

    Totally off topic but arent you sick of vampires and TWILIGHT!! I mean I bought 2011 almanac and the teen choice awards.. they could’ve given everything to TWILIGHT!! Also their making a show called VAMPIRE DIARIES!!! SICK OF IT!!

  3. 5replica says:

    so happy you are

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