Felton on Draco

Wotcher Harry Potter fans!

I found a new interview with Tom Felton via MTV, where he describes Draco as “vulnerable”. Here’s what he said:

“From my character’s point of view, a lot has been left to interpretation,” Felton said, pinpointing an important-yet-subtle moment from the final film, in which Draco is tasked with the painful decision of whether to help or hinder his nemesis’ progress. “[There is] one take where you want to help Harry. The books, I think, kind of left it up to the interpretation of the reader, really, so one way you internally want to help him, the other side where you’re just confused, so I’m intrigued to see which bits David [Yates] cuts out of it.”

Regarding Malfoy’s not-so-bad, tortured side, Felton said “Potter” creator J.K. Rowling helped him understand a softer side. “Jo always talked about him as being vulnerable,” Felton said. “Most bullies are. They’re actually hugely insecure and have their own problems, and he has the worst parental guidance of any child I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Yes, I see. He never really had the guts to murder Dumbledore directly… We saw him sobbing quite a lot in Half-Blood Prince. So, do I think he’s evil? No. I think his parents support Voldemort (duh), and he didn’t really have a choice. He was a coward, afraid of punishment from Voldemort. It doesn’t excuse his murderous behavior, but, my opinion. Bellatrix, however, is just fierce. She’s evil and she knows it. She’s a very strong female character really, but yes very evil. She has no problem being that murderous, villain character. And, quoting Sirius, she likes to play with her food before she eats it. Not that she eats people. Just murders them. 😉 Enough on evil people, onto more news!

So you can click here to view the full article, parental guidance suggested, since Tom does use some mild profanity.

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