Matt Lewis: BAFTA Young Game Designers Ambassador

Wotcher Harry Potter fans!

I’m very pleased to announce that Matt Lewis was announced as the BAFTA Young Game Designers Ambassador! You probably have no clue what that is right now, so I’m going to tell you!

The BAFTA Young Game Designers competition requires teams of three people between the ages of eleven and sixteen to create and submit a design for a video game. 🙂 If you’re wondering what Matt Lewis has to do with this, I’ll show you a piece of a press release:

“Matthew Lewis, best known to fans of the Harry Potter films as Neville Longbottom, has come onboard as the BAFTA Young Game Designers Ambassador. He will promote awareness of the competition to the media, children and their parents and sit on the competition’s judging panel.”

Sorry Americans, this is only for residents of the UK. 😥 We’ve had our chances of Americans only contests, so it’s about time that people from UK get their time to shine! The winners will be announced in November at the EA British Academy Childrens Awards. Sound familiar? Yes it does. First person to tell me why gets 3,000 HPPs. 😀

Oh yes, you can read more about the competition right here.

Thanks for visiting this website Harry Potter fans!


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6 Responses to Matt Lewis: BAFTA Young Game Designers Ambassador

  1. mike1003 says:

    i dont remember it does sound familiar though i checked alot of places i gonna have to say harry potter one an award at that thing

  2. mike1003 says:


  3. Johnny Depp Fan says:

    I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s the company that does the Harry Potter video games!!!

  4. mike1003 says:

    dang it i knew it would have something to do with video games

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