Muggle Cast

Found out how to do it! Hey, so if you haven’t read my report on Muggle Cast before here it is;

Have you guys heard the buzz about podcasts? Basically they’re like radio shows. Their usually disscussions about one topic, or a bunch of topics that relate to one thing.

Anyway, there’s this podcast called Muggle Cast. It’s free on itunes, and they address everything basically. They recognize the movies, disscuss the actors and actresses, the writing in the books, everything. It’s not only hilariously funny, it’s actually a good insight to the Harry Potter world. You can ask them stuff from their website, interact with other fans, and even observe fan art! I mean, a true Harry Potter fan would love this.

They recently came out with their 212 episode. So if you think you’re going to listen to them all through, think again. It’s a strongly devoted podcast, and they do it for nonprofit. Episode#212 had some samples from the Deathly Hallows Soundtrack reviews. They also debate for complex issues, that probably will never be answered. Like why was Cedric Diggory chosen? Why does Bagman enjoy the idea of this four-person tournament so much? They also address stuff from kids like us. On their website you can contact them, and if you’re lucky they’ll talk about your question/comment. Like; MuggleMail addresses last week’s hot topics, an answer to Trelawney’s inaccurate predictions, and cheesy Potter movie endings.

Over all, I love this podcast. I think any Harry Potter fan would.


^_^ Beat Dat- Kat

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One Response to Muggle Cast

  1. Sarah says:

    Great work Kat! Could you spell check next time? Still, great post! Thanks so much for joining! 😀

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