So if you’re a HP fan, you have even been alive for the past 7-ish years you probably know the word; Quidditch. Simple, really. A bunch of people on flying broomsticks trying to score goals into hoops while trying not to get hit by big balls.

Anyway, there’s this thing called IQA. International Quidditch Association, it started in 2005, at the Middlebury College in Vermont. The have a world cup even,

-On November 13 and 14, 2010, 46 official Quidditch teams from around the world – a total of 757 athletes – will descend on New York City for the Fourth Annual Quidditch World Cup. The teams are from 42 colleges and universities, three high schools, and one local community team, all from the USA and Canada. The tournament is free and open to the public. Awesome, right?-

and they have lots of teams. They’ve started over 400 college teams, and 300 high school teams.

Overall it’s like living in HPS, and I think it’d be really cool if your highschool/college did it. COMMENT!




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4 Responses to Quidditch

  1. Sarah says:

    Brilliant!!! And you hyperlink!!! 😀 Great job, Kat! If you have been alive for the last 7-ish years… Love it!!!! 😀

  2. mike1003 says:

    ok now i have to convince my mom to move to vermont bye bye disneyland

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