Collecting For HP Fans

Wotcher Harry Potter fans!

NEWSFLASH!!!! Harry Potter: Film Wizardry is now being sold! Click here to buy it on Amazon, and here to buy it at Barnes and Noble.

I’m here today to write a little post on *drum roll*…. collecting Harry Potter merchandise! There’s obviously a lot to write about this, so I’m going to get started right away. 🙂

Normally, I go on eBay for all my nerdy collecting needs– but I’ve found a few other places useful too. First of all, Barnes and Noble has all sorts of HP merchandise, from Wizard’s Chess to Time Turners (both of which I have, and they are really quite excellent!).  I also know that Toys”R”Us has some Harry Potter LEGO sets as well as action figures, and so on and so forth. 🙂 I’ve discovered that Target has a little HP merchandise, but I’m most interested in the new Hedwig Owl Kit. Actually, I just discovered that today, and I must say that I am seriously considering purchasing it tonight… I know that Barnes and Noble has it too which is good because I need that new book!  Lastly, I’m going to lead you over to to take a look at the Harry Potter 20Q. I received this as a Christmas present, and it is absolutely brilliant! It is actually right most of the time. The Harry Potter 20Q asks many Harry-Potter-related questions and can guess any character, place, or animal from the world of Harry Potter! Plus, it looks just like a golden snitch, and it comes with a cute little stand. 🙂 Definitely a favorite of mine!

Obviously, the WB Harry Potter Shop has some pretty awesome merchandise. The absolute best place to go for all of this awesome HP merchandise is definitely at the Universal Store for the Wizarding World in Florida (you can buy everything that is sold there online!). Finally, Hot Topic has released all of the new awesome Deathly Hallows stuff, I would definitely buy some of it before the premiere, but I would go a little while after DH1 too, to clear out the clearance section. 😉

And now, let me give a little advice for eBay bidding. First of all, never bid until the last few minutes. You’ll just end up raising the price for yourself. Secondly, don’t put your real maximum amount in until the last two seconds, because again, you will end up raising the price for yourself. My last tip is to type one last bid in the next few seconds with the price raised a few dollars, just in case someone tries to beat you within the last five seconds. Best of luck!

Additionally, JKR’s Army has loads of tips on how to collect merchandise. My favorite article is at the end, “Collecting on a Budget”. 🙂

If you know anywhere that has Harry Potter merchandise, please let us know in the comments!

UPDATE: Just one more note, the Comic-Con is without a doubt the best place to find all Harry Potter merchandise. I’ve found rare trading cards, British merchandise, and all kinds of neat stuff! So if you are serious about Harry Potter, I would suggest going to the Comic-Con next year. I’m anticipating a lot of hype about DH2, since it will be in theaters by the time Comic-Con is here. Tickets go on sale November 22nd, and believe me, you want to get your tickets immediately!

Thanks for visiting this website Harry Potter fans!



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