It’s common knowledge that all Harry Potter fans have an undying love for the books and an almost-as-obsessive love of the movies, musicals, bands, and puppet-theatres. Everything is snowballing in this last week before the premiere, into one giant Harry Potter fan-anza. Wouldn’t you get a kick out of seeing the cast of Harry Potter doing something outrageous… like speaking in American accents? On,

you can see Dan, Emma, Rupert, and Tom doing just that–trying to get their mouths around American vocabulary on the Internet (yes, Muggles too can appreciate the magic!). Hope they understand just what they’re saying… enjoy!

UPDATE: Sorry for editing your post… I just wanted to show everyone the hilarious American accents:


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I'm a die-hard HP fan, and I also invented a smiley: (:^) it's a chicken.
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  1. Sarah says:

    Awesome!!!!! 😀 Love it!!!! They even had to diss Twilight… Hahaha!!!

    And according to the poll, of people prefer HP to Twilight! 🙂 And there are over 188,000 votes!

  2. lethifold2295 says:

    Thanks, my friend sent me that link, and I thought, “PERFECT for WordPress!”
    Guess what I voted for? 🙂

    • Sarah says:

      (Please say Harry Potter, please say Harry Potter, PLEASE SAY HARRY POTTER) Haha…

      I thought it was just fantastic! I love reading the latest Harry Potter news on my own blog. 🙂

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