HP7: Zach’s Full Take

Has anyone noticed the inferior green-screen quality of this latest movie? At least it’s superior content makes up. Majorly. The movie was

Epic. Comedic. Gripping. Truly Magical.

Just that.

There were plenty of laughs and jokes that actually connected to the core of the movie, and magical moments made even more dramatic then CGI could even allow.

The plot was wonderfully true and nicely executed, with picture-perfect locations that matched what was in my mind at the time. This is Yates first truly “phenomenal beyond reach” film. Most excellent. See it if you can.

P.S. — After HP Reads:

I got a Mysterious Benedict Society 3-pack…! Finally I’m going to see how this compares to Lemony Snicket’s EPIC Series of Unfortunate Events. Sweet!

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4 Responses to HP7: Zach’s Full Take

  1. Sarah says:

    Zach, you are going to LOVE that series I am not kidding! I took the quiz and I am Sticky… Sticky rocks!!!!! 😀

  2. Zach says:

    At Sarah: That was great….so funny…they did beat Twilight in opening-weekend gross totals. Did you see my new post on the word of the day for the day they released the opening weekend stats? So hilarious…:D

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