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Wotcher Harry Potter fans!

Well, I just gave out a few tips to the HP Fan World Team about WordPress blogging, and I thought some of them might be useful to other bloggers. 🙂

Thanks for visiting this website (I’ll get back to some HP related posts later…)!


Wotcher team!

On the previous post, I talked about all of the special things you can do while writing a WordPress post, like an instruction manual for WordPress posting (although I hope I was less boring than most instruction manuals). :) Today, I am going to talk about tips on blogging!

The number one tip I can ever give is… The spelling and grammar check .  Posts look more professional when you use the spelling and grammar check, which makes you a more reliable blogger! :D Which post are you more likely to believe, this one:

Oh em gee!!!!!!!!!!! Duuude i like am so excitd cause rowling is writing a new bok. i am so exited to red it….

Or this one:

Today I received exciting news– J.K. Rowling is writing a new book! ….

Besides that, the first post is more annoying, right? Not that any of you write like the first one. I wouldn’t let you post on the HP Fan World if you did. :)

Tip number two is to activate Zemanta. Zemanta is an awesome feature that allows you to find posts, links, and tags to add to your own WordPress post! :D It’s a really fantastic feature to use. You can click here to see a post on the WordPress Blog that tells you how to activate Zemanta (for free) on your WordPress account. It’s really easy, I promise!

Which leads me to another tip: tags. Please use lots of tags! They are great for organization, and they allow search engines to find your fantastic posts faster!

A general tip for writing (sorry for sounding like your language arts teacher here) is to eliminate your use of repetition. So, it gets annoying. So, it gets a little unprofessional. So, like please don’t. ;) This is probably the one thing that I have the most problems with keeping up with, I will often find myself thoroughly looking at every post I make and making sure I’m not being repetitious. :)

I generally like posts a lot more if they use the awesome hyperlink feature (the one that looks like a chain link). :) One thing I find really annoying is the whole “Oh this and that was great I really enjoyed reading it off of this blog” but not giving the link. But none of you have done that so far so I wouldn’t worry about it. :) The only thing is that my blog doesn’t allow you to post a link ( ) by just giving the URL, you actually have to hyperlink it (click here).
That’s pretty much it, keep up the great work! :D Thanks for posting!



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