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Wotcher Harry Potter fans!

I have just written a few tips on WordPress posting for the HP Fan World Team… So I thought I might as well share them with other WordPress bloggers! 😀 Enjoy!


Wotcher team!

I really appreciate all of you posting on the main blog. :) It really means a lot to me! When I first started WordPress, I was blown away. There are so many features! And WordPress is constantly updated, so there are even more things that we need to keep track of… So  I’m going to talk about some basic things you can do while writing a post. :)

One of the first things you see while posting is the “Permalink”. Now, I don’t tend to mess around with permalinks too much, but it is important to know how to use them. Basically, you can create a custom URL for the post that you are writing. You should see that there is highlighted text in the permalink. This is the part that you get to change! Just by clicking the “Edit” button, you can change the link. Happy permalinking!

Next comes the magical, mystical Upload/Insert! You should see five icons behind it:

Add an Image Add Video Add Audio Add Media Add Poll

Oops, sorry guys! I can’t upload the actual icons… But I have listed  them from left to right the same way that you would see them on your WordPress draft. :)

Aren’t they pretty? We’re going to talk about Add an Image first. This is a very useful feature to have, as it allows you to upload pictures onto your WordPress post. :) You can upload pictures from your computer, or by URL. The pictures by URL seems to be a bit more complicated, so I’m going to give you a step-by-step on how to upload pics by URL.

1. If you are on a really awesome Harry Potter website, let’s call it Harry Potter Fan World (what a brilliant name!!! Who comes up with these things?!?!), and you want to upload one of their pictures on to your website, the first thing to do is to right-click on the picture. Now, find the “view image” and click on that. The URL for that image usually includes a jpg. No text will be found on the page with the picture on it, just a picture on an otherwise blank web page, like this: https://harrypotterfanworld.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/638.jpg?w=300&h=225

2. Now travel back to your WordPress draft. Click on the Add an Image, and then “From URL”. Insert the URL… Yes, it’s that simple.

3. Now you can link to the image, add alternate text, change the image alignment… Loads of cool things. :)

And we’re done with that icon.

Now, for the Add VideoAdd Audio icons. I’m not really going to talk about these much, because I don’t really use them. ;) These require a Video Upgrade to use, which I don’t have, so I actually don’t get to use these… Basically they allow you to upload video and audio straight from your computer. However, those of us who cannot directly upload video files can still upload from YouTube, Google, or DailyMotion. You can either click on Add Video and then “From URL” and insert the URL where you found the link, or you could just follow WordPress’ instructions, which they give when you click on the “From URL”.

Add Media is another media upload icon… I actually don’t use this at all, I’m not sure why, but I don’t.

However, Add Poll allows you to create and upload polls! :D This is one of the first things I discovered while using WordPress, and I definitely love it! You can choose from different themes, and create a poll that you can insert practically anywhere! Which reminds me, I haven’t made a poll in a while, have I?

*Whew*…. Now we move on to the row of icons below, which I can’t insert here. :oops: But the B allows you to do bolded text, and the I lets you do italicized text. The ABC let’s you cross out text, which comes in handy for several jokes to spice up you’re post. :) The next icon over allows you to

  • do
  • this

And the other one lets you

  1. do
  2. this

The quote marks



The next icons change the location of the text:

Like this

And this

And this

I don’t know if anyone can think of creative ways to use it, but it’s good to know, right?

*Takes deep breath*. I still have a lot more to talk about! However, one of the most important is the hyperlink. It appears as a chain “link” (very clever!) and there is one right next to it that is a broken “link”. :) You can use the hyperlink feature by highlighting certain text and then inserting a URL… For example, if you click here you will be lead to the Harry Potter Fan World. I, personally, love the hyperlink feature, but some people prefer to just insert a URL… I’m okay with either one on my website though. :)

Now wait. The next thing is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING I WILL BE TALKING ABOUT. The icon is the ABC with a check mark, and this is the spelling and grammar check. :D If you click on that link, it will review your post and let you know if you’ve made any spelling or grammar errors. If you have, it will make the mistakes red. If not, it will say, “No writing errors found”. Please use this feature! :) I really appreciate posts that don’t have writing errors. :)

Now, if you click on the icon that is two icons away from the spell check icon, you get… Another row full of icons! Hurray! ;)

I’m going to make this brief: The first one probably says “Paragraph”, but it allows you to



Which comes in handy for


And the U icon underlines text. The next icon over is just another preference for text location… The A icon with a black/ colored bar beneath it will let you make your text colorful,  as well as let you’re text fade away. I just love doing that! :D

The last icons I’m going to talk about are the arrow icons. These icons allow you to undo or re-do anything on your post, in case you’ve made a mistake…


And–now–I’m–done! Oh wait I still have to check spelling and grammar, I suppose I should follow my own tips…. :D :D I’ll try to post more later. :)



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