I’m Back!

Hi!  I’m the girl who wrote “Random info”, and your’e probably wondering why I haven’t been posting.  Well, the truth is, I lost my password.  I changed my display name(I used to be hannah4harrypotterfanworld, and I think another reason I changed it is that my old one was much to long) to iluvdobby539 because I love Dobby!  One of you fabulous Harry Potter fans out there said I should post more often.  I haven’t been doing so because of the reason above, but i will get straight to it.

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6 Responses to I’m Back!

  1. Zach says:

    At iluvdobby539/Hannah:

    Umm….Did you know that we have some author rules here at HP Fan World?

    Read the “Reporters Wanted” page….specifically Rule #1!!!

    No, that page was created by Sarah, not Mr. Proper Grammar over here, as you may think!

    • Sarah says:

      Hahahahahaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! (Oops, I’m using improper grammar! See, it would be better to say “That gives me amusement” and are all the exclamation marks necessary?)

      Oh Zach you are so much like me that it is scary… 😉

      • Zach says:

        At Sarah:

        Yes, you are much like memyself that it is scaryunusual.

        And, I don’tdo not (unruly contractions) even believe that exclamation marks are a part of the proper grammar ecosystem (except for when dealing with Potter-related matters that require some enthusiasm 😉 ).

      • Sarah says:

        Why are we so much alike? It’s not as if we’re related or anything… I have appeared to have made a grammatical error, it is not proper to trail off without finishing your sentence. 😉 I have clearly made another error, since emoticons are unprofessional.

        I’m not super strict… 😉 I just don’t want posts such as:

        Ooohhj Duuude i totaly hav like da bes news in da wooed
        ya no? i jus discovrd tat rowln is riteing a knew bok!!

        Which I have not seen yet, to my great luck! 😀

      • mike ernest says:

        wow you guys are the same like crazy just by these few paragraphs
        p.s. dont hurt me i am just usd ta unpropr gramr 😉

      • Sarah says:

        No, just in general. 😉 And just because you’re Mike and NOT Bob I’m not going to hurt you today. 😉

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