Grab Your HP7 Video Games for Even More Movie Magic!

The HP7 Part One Video Game is now availible for your Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Wii, or Nintendo DS!

I don’t play video games much, but I’ve had a go at the previous game for Book 6 on the Wii, and it was pretty fun, but differed largely from the plot of the book and was centered around taking classes and doing activities (e.g. – the Dueling Club, which was featured in Book 2 and was “resurrected” in the game by Dumbledore in his opening speech).

The seventh and final game is split into two parts, the first of which you can get on Amazon for around $50, with the actual price depending upon which device you wish to use the game on.

But what I’m more interested in is whether Warner Brothers is really giving this game their best efforts. After all, this is exactly the same situation as the epic Deathly Hallows Part 1: this is WB’s last chance to really show off what they can do with one of the most epic (and most read) book series in the world.

for designers to bring to digital life. Every game before this was centered around Hogwarts, so location designing was easy – one setting that needed to be tweaked ever so slightly for every new game.

But now, with the three traveling from place to place, and the cliffhanger in store, it’ll be a challenge to recreate J.K.R.’s final brilliant masterpiece in digital, interactive form.

If anyone has played the game, please do tell us how it went by leaving a reply on this post. You can do so by clicking “Leave a comment” right below this text.

Thanks for reading, Harry Potter fans!

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One Response to Grab Your HP7 Video Games for Even More Movie Magic!

  1. Sarah says:

    Don’t play video games?! 😮 Haha… You must see the Prince of Persia game– just as fantastic as the movie, with EPIC graphics as well as humor… I believe that was added to make me feel slightly less nerdy. 😉

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