My Cats are Cute… And I am Random


Wotcher Harry Potter fans!

I know, I’m quite random, but the nothing-but-positive feedback from my Anniemagus poll as well as the intense Anniemagus statistics and the number of comments on the page have led me to do, well this:



By the way, Lucy is the striped gray one, and Ethan is black. 🙂 Annie is the least photogenic, but oh well… Lulu and Ethan seem to be just fine with it, so I tend to get better pictures of them. I hope you like the pictures!

(To my cats, thanks for putting up with my annoying photography hobby. 😉 )

Thanks for visiting this website Harry Potter fans!


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Wotcher people of the Internet! I hope you find this website useful... If you have any questions or comments or basically anything you'd like to tell me, please click here: Thank you for visiting!
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