Happy Thanksgiving to All Our Readers and Authors!

Wotcher Harry Potter fans!

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving this year….according to JKR’s Wizard of the Month Archive, it’s his 30th Thanksgiving! Most of us probably won’t be posting much today (what?! No!!!), but we’ll be back to regular schedule tomorrow…

Alright, I admit that I am sabotaging Zach’s post… I’ve been editing and adding my own stuff. 😉 But I had to come in and personally wish everyone here a very happy Thanksgiving. 😀 Yesterday we wrote our 800th post achieving our goal! When I started this website, it was far beyond my imagination to even comprehend it could turn into something this epic, so a big thanks to everyone who has been reading this blog over the past year! I definitely would not be motivated to write so many posts without your positive feedback, so I’m very grateful for all of the readers we have. :mrgreen: Also, a very big thanks to our authors, who write these fantastic posts and brighten our days with all the latest Harry Potter info! You guys are so awesome.

Thanks for reading and once again, have a fantastic Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving weekend!

~Sarah and Zach

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2 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving to All Our Readers and Authors!

  1. Zach says:

    Crikey, Sarah! Why’d you have to sabotage my post? All right, it’s okay, this isn’t just my website….

    Yes, this is an epic state our site is in! I’m shooting our 2,000th comment to come in before Christmas….there’s only 125 more to go and 30 days to get it done…that’s only 5 comments a day! Easy for this site!

    Nerds are Awesome! :mrgreen:

    • Sarah says:

      Haha… Crikey, Zach! MY SITE! I can do what I want to your (well, now it’s really our…) post! 😆

      Yes, that should be easy, shouldn’t it? 🙂

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