Harry Potter Edition iPods — Interesting Collectibles for the Nerdy HP Fan

We all crave the Harry Potter audiobooks. They’re great for in the car or at a Potter-themed party. But they’re deathly expensive.

Not anymore. The complete set of audiobooks (depending upon where you buy them) costs around $200 – $250. But for the same amount of your hard-earned dollars, you can pick up (if you forage around on eBay or Craigslist, probably) one of the old Harry Potter Edition iPods from 2007.

These iPods are based on the 30GB white iPod classic of 2007. Though they’re not as shiny and new as the 4th generation iPod touch I recently added to my small collection of iPods (I’m a big fan of most Apple products), they do include the first 6 audiobooks pre-loaded on the player for free! They also include a Hogwarts crest engraved on the back with the iPod’s specifications.

Here’s a link to a pic: http://www.amazon.com/Apple-MA215LL-Potter-Collectors-display/dp/B000IOX960


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