How to Talk to Famous People

Wotcher Harry Potter fans!

I am a huge wimp when it comes to writing to famous people. A


one. Let’s see, I’ve talked to… Five in real life, or six, if you count a certain person… I’ve talked to seven (update eight) via Internet, and I have yet to find the courage to actually hand-write a letter. Okay, when I put it like that it doesn’t make me sound too wimpy, but trust me I am a nervous wreck the entire time. Except I’m usually, “enthusiastic” as one of the unfortunate famous people who has encountered me puts it. 😉

But, I will, hopefully, offer good advice to writing to Rowling, HP stars, and pretty much anyone awesome. Not that I’m really in the position for giving much advice (unlike the AWESOME Lorraine, who happens to be Neil Gaiman’s personal assistant, the advice is really helpful so I advise reading it here!), but if you’re a nervous wreck like me you probably need all the help you can get! 😉

Hmm… I should do a Top Ten list too, huh?

  1. Just do it! You know what, just get out a piece of paper and do it. You’ll never hear from famous people until you crack yourself out of your shell of insecurity and just write the letter! Chances are, they’ll either be unfortunately too busy to write or they’ll reply (*happy dance for you and you can’t stop smiling for three months*).
  2. No criticism of any kind is allowed in the letter. You can’t tell J.K. Rowling she’s your “eighth favorite author” (even if it’s true), you can’t tell her you’re mad at her for killing off so-and-so, and don’t tell that actor that replaced the other one that he’s “good… but so-and-so was much better, sorry, and by the way you totally stunk in _________”. They’ll move on and write bigger fans, and they might even be slightly insulted if you’re really critical.
  3. Sound like the obsessive fan you are. I’m such a huge fan! Thanks for writing your amazing books! …. Thank you for reading this letter. You’re my favorite author/actor/director/producer/whatever it is that awesome person does!
  4. Okay, not too obsessive. For instance, *deep dark secret time*, uh no because if I told you might tell my favorite author and then s/he might get freaked out. Let’s say… Somehow you acquired a hair from your favorite author and you framed it in your room. (I didn’t have this by the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Or if you had a dream where you were married to them, I wouldn’t tell them if I were you.
  5. It’s allowed to say that you’re their biggest fan, however don’t say that you’re “a bigger fan than so-and-so from the blog“. The person might think you have a big ego, and what if you aren’t?! That would be a nightmare!
  6. This really should go further up than six, but don’t make the letter too long. I’d keep it short and sweet, because the person might get bored if you talk for too long.
  7. Don’t spend the entire time asking questions, especially annoying questions. Absolutely no personal questions (“where do you live?… “are you really breaking up with them?! “… “did you do this or is it just a rumor?”… “why did you do that?”), and don’t ask any questions on that new book they’re writing (I mean, just not questions on ” does s/he die? Do they get married?)
  8. Again this should really go closer to the top, but don’t ask them for weird things. If you want their autograph or a signed pic, that’s totally fine, but don’t ask for a used Kleenex or a signed copy of their latest book that hasn’t been released yet. How would you feel if someone asked you for a used tissue?
  9. This should go at the very top! Don’t write in shorthand (like srry but its rlly anoyn) and absolutely do not make any grammar/spelling errors! Also try to refrain from using repetition. So basically act like you’re writing for Harry Potter Fan World ( you know how strict I am ) but multiply it times 100 because I’m sure you think the awesome person is way more important than me. 😉  Also, if the author has made up a secret code, don’t send coded messages. They take forever to decode.
  10. Don’t tell them what they should do with their next book. It’s their book, and you have no control whatsoever!

I hope this helps! 😀

Thanks for visiting this website Harry Potter fans!


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