Harry Potter Anime Photo!!

Wotcher Potter Fans!
It’s Brown here-
Well, I was looking at Harry Potter Anime Photos. And I came across these and I wanted to show you them:

I think the bottom ones are the younger-older people. Like Snape, Lily, James, and Yeah.

This one is ummmmm just look at Voldey.


Well, Thats all for now!!


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5 Responses to Harry Potter Anime Photo!!

  1. clubpenguinpeep says:

    They did a great job on Ginny. And well, everyone…

  2. Kookookitty says:

    wow! I like them

  3. like it supah cute…………^_^

  4. Brittney says:

    Wow!!! This is exactly how I pictured them in the books! You did an excellent jobs catching their personalities. ^^

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