Stolen Idea

So I was looking at and was looking into the forward years and… I looked at Eclipse( you know Twilight saga) and they’re splitting it into two parts!!!!!!

It’s terrificly horible!!!!! 👿
Well they’ll figure out away to totally ruin it anyway.



About Agent NF

Well I love playing Club Penguin and my name's Noah. I really hope who's reading this isn't some psycho freak reading everyone's proflie. I hope. I'm not so don't accuse me. I love Sci F,i action, adventure movies. mystery books too. I am obsessed with the Secret Series yeah ok.... i guess my hobbies are building Legos, watching movies, reading, and blogging. Yup... ~Noah
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3 Responses to Stolen Idea

  1. dancer556 says:

    Actually it’s Breaking Dawn, and it’s going to be an EPIC FALLIURE! I read the books, they’re not doing Jacobs (The werewolf) perspective, so half of it won’t make sense and plus it just doesn’t have enough material to be made into 2 parts. I don’t know where they’re gonna cut it off but it’s going to make some fans swoon and others stab the producers.

    The first fact of a reporter: Get your facts right, or else people will attack and possible sue you if you get into large business. 😉 Just a tip. (I do school NewsPaper)

  2. Noah AKA No-Noji says:

    Sorry im am not good at my Twilight.

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