So, I know this probably sounds like it has nothing to do with Harry Potter right? Well, wrong. *Buzzer* It does. Have you ever had fantasies, fan-fictions about Harry Potter with your own characters? I know as sure as bloody h*ll I have 😉 . Anyway on this website (I use it a lot) you can do this thing called RolePlay. Basically you make an account, then join a group. Very much like this one- -and then you make a character, you can make a lot of characters, and then you do that thing called Role Playing. You and someone else are like co-writers to a story and control your character’s actions. It’s really fun, and can suck your life away :P. If you RolePlay a lot, then they might make a character video for your group, like this one:

See all the different characters? I thought so.

So if you’re a blooming writer, or just someone who wants to have fun: Check it out!

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