Geek Pride Day!

(It sounds like I have a new favorite holiday!)

Wotcher Harry Potter fans!

Okay, I guess Christmas will always be my favorite holiday (and after that Stan Lee Day!) but I have to say that this is pretty awesome.

You’re a Harry Potter fan, right?

Answer: yes: Well of course you are! Keep reading awesome person!

Answer: no: Er, excuse me?! You’re on a Harry Potter blog, dude. No, this is not A Million Hamster Turtlenecks. You really should read the Harry Potters, though, <zombie>JOIN US</zombie>. Oh drat, lousy HTML.

Now that we’ve established the obvious, would you consider yourself a nerd?

This question is usually a little harder to answer. Personally, I specialize in many different nerdisms.  I am (of course) a Harry Potter nerd, as well as The World’s Hugest Secret Series Nerd, a Spider-Man nerd, Pirates of the Caribbean nerd, Jerry Bruckheimer nerd, very generally I am a Nerdy Movie Nerd, a bookworm (aka booknerd), a Photo Nerd, an Internet nerd…. I could go on forever. I really could.

Sometimes, we are unsure of just how crazy we really are. Since this is a Harry Potter blog, I’ll tell you the basic ways you can tell a Harry Potter Nerd, a General Harry Potter fan, and the I Know Potter Person apart:

I know Potters:

  • Have seen a minimum of one Harry Potter movie.
  • Might or might not have read a Harry Potter book.
  • Will try to convince a Potter Nerd that they are up to General Potter Fan status.

General Potter Fans:

  • Have read all of the Harry Potters.
  • Have seen all of the Potter movies.
  • Worship Rowling a little bit.

Harry Potter Nerds:

  • Have read all of the Harry Potter books.
  • Have seen all of the Harry Potter movies.
  • Have acquired a poster/ other HP merchandise.
  • Read Harry Potter blogs and/or connect with other nerds through the Internet or other nerdy outlets.
  • Go to midnight/ special preview Harry Potter movies. (Bonus points if in costume or merchandise. Extra bonus points if you go three times and wear a full Gryffindor uniform the third time and attract weird looks from random strangers).

Of course, a Harry Potter nerd can be a lot nerdier than what I have described. Once you’ve reached the level where you can proudly call yourself a Harry Potter nerd, you can go really crazy. But that takes a while to blog about so I’m going to get to my point.

My point is that when you are a nerd, people around you are forced to live with your obsessive nerdiness. You speak Nerd 24/7 and let’s face it, %90 of the time no one knows what you’re saying. Maybe they get tired of you and say “Can you speak Normal please?”.

Maybe you hide a little bit. Maybe you lock yourself in your poster-plastered nerd room and discuss book theories with your alter ego that lives in another dimension (I think it’s time you talked to your alter ego about roleplaying a little less). The Normals have diluted your nerdiness with their-*gulp*- normality.

If you’re like me, the Normals don’t stop you from being a nerd. But I still think it’s great to embrace nerdiness by celebrating Geek Pride Day.  Geek Pride Day is a fantastic day to be randomly nerdy and escape from normality for a while. Geek Pride Day takes place on May 25th and is a “non-denominational holiday to be celebrated by nerds and geeks who do not feel ashamed of showing their unconventional interests in public.”

More information can be found about this amazing holiday on Wikipedia.

So remember to get nerdy!!! 😀

Thanks for visiting this website Harry Potter fans!





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