Wotcher Harry Potter Fans!

Coming back for a stroll down memory lane, I see that I’m still getting hundreds of page views a day. This shocks me, as I haven’t been posting for a few months. This blog has brought me so much happiness and so many amazing opportunities throughout the year, and I enjoyed every second I spent on it. It introduced me to the wonderful world of blogging, showed me HTML, and let me connect with people who are now my closest friends. Without it, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

But, as sometimes happens in life, I became busy. Soon I created a fan-site/forum, The Terces Society for fans of the Secret Series. And I must say, I love that website… Anyway, I became too busy to post. I hoped I could trust my reporters to run it, but apparently they were busy, too. And soon, people stopped commenting, and I saw my stats dropping each day as the news stories slowed down.

However, when I looked at my dashboard again, I saw my site was more popular than it has ever been when I was running it. And I couldn’t help wondering if anyone is still watching this website and waiting for me to come back.

Well, are you?

Leaving this blog was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and you can bet I shed many tears when I did so, but it was something I had to do. It was just too time-consuming. I’m so sorry.

To those of you reading this right now, I thank you for an amazing experience. I will never forget this blog and the people who changed my life forever.




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One Response to Wow…

  1. ollieleits says:

    oh.. i loved this site, i just didnt comment, oh well 😦

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