The Creator

This page is about the creator. She has many names. You can call her Sarah, Agent SD, Claran, Le Potato Godess, Cass, Cassarah, Alex, Alexandra,Princees Fun, Princess Fun, Nymphadora, Tonks, or Creator. She created this world of Harry Potter fans, nearly two years ago.  She is the nerdiest, geekiest, psychotic, obsessive stalkerish being known.

All hail Creator!!!!!!

81 Responses to The Creator

  1. dude20 says:

    i have a question whats ur cp username

  2. Major HP Fan says:

    @Claran you like Club Penguin? I love it! I love Harry Potter too! My CP name is Blakeerake5.

  3. dancerhjkclubpenguincheats says:

    Hey Sarah, you go on Club Penguin? My name is Dancerhjk, can you meet me on the sever rainbow in 20 minutes? In the dock
    Thank you!

    • claran says:

      Absolutely! I’ll be there! Oh wait, I just wanted to tell you that I’m having some Club Penguin technical difficulties, so I might only be able to talk in safe-chat phrases. Sorry! See you soon!

  4. claran says:

    Oh, I guess I missed you. I can’t really tell what time a comment gets sent in, sorry. 😦 If you leave a Penguin Standard time you will be there, I will try my best to make it.

  5. dancerhjkclubpenguincheats says:

    Ok, i’ll think of an date and comment it on here!

  6. Pengoie1 says:

    i thought u would make me famous on cp 😕

  7. allexx100 says:

    I am a big fan of Harry Potter and Disney too 😀
    I play CP too! 🙂

  8. Waffle1017 says:

    I’m Waffle1017 here and I must say Princees fun is a great friend she’s good at: Sled Racing, getting everyone in the dance floor to turn orange, and she really knows how to put together an igloo!

  9. Luke23435 says:

    SPOILER ALERT Do not read unless you have read Half-Blood Prince.

    hey there can you meet me on club penguin on march 23

    5:00 penguin standerd time.

    server caribou

    room is iceberg

    im a big fan of cp and harry potter.seen all in

    theathers.and so sad dumbledoor died.:(

    but hope you can make it.

    my user is luke23435

  10. Luke23435 says:

    hey it’s me again and wat’s a blog roll?

    • Sarah says:

      A blog roll is a list of websites that you like that are displayed on your website: example: Drahpish and Brown8888 are on my blog roll. If you have a site, you can click “blog info” and then “add user to blog roll” and I will be on your blog roll!

  11. Luke23435 says:

    hey sarah is a blog rool like members.cause i dident use wordpress to make my site.i used to do it.on webs you can only get members.

  12. Luke23435 says:

    well ya ill add you to my blog rool!

  13. Luke23435 says:

    hi again i made a blog roll and added sites i like and including yours!add my site to your blog roll!

  14. Luke23435 says:

    Cant you just like make on your sidebar title blog roll and link my site?and other sires to!

  15. Pengoie1 says:

    Wait in on ur blogroll right?

  16. Zatt123 says:

    Hi! Its me Zatt123 can we meet some time I REALLY want to meet you and great website, Im a fan of CLub Penguin too!:)

  17. luke23435 says:

    hi can you be a member on my site.brown88888 is.and if you do go on my my cp quiz.its on the side bar.theres a link.brown88888 says that my sites better than hers!i said thx.oh and u visit clubpenguincp!i saw your comment!so

    and ya thats all.

  18. Luke23435 says:

    can you do my quiz but?

  19. Luke23435 says:

    oh i made my banner by using a program called paint.i mainly use the cutting tool.and ya.

  20. Luke23435 says:

    how do i change my avatar?

  21. mike1003 says:

    hey princees can you meet me on cp at 5:00 penguin stantard time plz i want to meet you so bad


  22. luke23435 says:

    you dont pay for are free.

  23. Sarah says:

    50th comment, HA! I got my own 50th comment. Take that fans of my website, I beat you to it! 😉

  24. Hay Dog718 says:

    hey im a big fan of cp and hp so can u maybe meet me @ the dock on frostbite @ 2:00 PST if u dont see me or i dont see u do 230 same place my name is what i put my name as (hay dog718)

  25. Hay Dog718 says:

    hey im a big fan of cp and hp so can u maybe meet me @ the dock on frostbite @ 2:00 PST if u dont see me or i dont see u do 230 same place my name is what i put my name as (hay dog718)
    cya then
    -hay dog718-
    p.s. add me to ur blog roll my site is and ill ad u to mine

  26. luke23435 says:

    hi princess fun i was just gona tell you i made a new banner and since i know you want to make a banner i want to tell you wat i used to make my banner.i went to and well made a benner!go to my home page is you want to see mt banner.

  27. harryfan says:

    My name is Hannah to! I’m really glad you made this website! I love it it’s my fave website ever! Where I can let looses my harry potter fanness

  28. harryfan says:

    Oh and can I have a different avatar…

  29. harryfan says:

    um blue maybe or how do I get a pic of like a soccer ball or something

    • Sarah says:

      Yes, I’ll help you. Send in any questions you have! To change your avatar, go on your dashboard, click “users” and then “My Profile” from there, you can change your avatar.

  30. harryfan says:

    Blue i guess but how do I get my pic to be a soccer ball…? Also I need a little help with my wordpress website i just got it yesterday and I have no idea how to run it! its

  31. harryfan says:

    Once I get it done can I be on your blog roll list?

  32. harryfan says:


  33. harryfan says: if your wondering 😉

  34. williegrl says:

    I finishes my website 😀

  35. Luke23435 says:

    hey princess fun i was just wondering if im in your hp group?and how do get hpps?

  36. williegrl says:

    I changed my pic to my dog! doesnt he look like sirius?

  37. williegrl says:

    Last night I watched the half blood prince! It was so good!

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  39. sophie says:

    i hate club penguin but i am a major harry potter fan i have a golden snitch!

  40. Agent SD says:

    Oh my Bosch. 😄 OK, you have to say it in an alien voice the next time we see each other… 😄 😄 😄

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