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Well I love playing Club Penguin and my name's Noah. I really hope who's reading this isn't some psycho freak reading everyone's proflie. I hope. I'm not so don't accuse me. I love Sci F,i action, adventure movies. mystery books too. I am obsessed with the Secret Series yeah ok.... i guess my hobbies are building Legos, watching movies, reading, and blogging. Yup... ~Noah

Stolen Idea

So I was looking at and was looking into the forward years and… I looked at Eclipse( you know Twilight saga) and they’re splitting it into two parts!!!!!! It’s terrificly horible!!!!! 👿 Well they’ll figure out away to totally … Continue reading

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One Of HP Cast is a Dad?

Yes, I was browsing and this was the first story: A tantalizing internet rumor caught fire earlier this month, raising speculation that a prominent ‘Harry Potter’ cast member has fathered a love child, and vexing fans with the mystery: Which … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving, I would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving this year. Have some yummy turkey for me. Oh I making this post because I can’t edit Zach’s. Peace.Love.Harry Potter   ~Noah

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If You’ve Seen…

If you’ve seen the new Harry Potter please comment your review. I’m hoping for good ones, but don’t hold back if you didn’t like it. ~NOAH 😀 1 more

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Ok I was surfing the web and I happened to go to IMDb. I looked up Harry POtter DH Part 2 and this is the link to what I found: Summary: The end begins as Harry, Ron, and Hermione go … Continue reading

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Harry Potter

Hey Wotcher, Noah here. I saw Harry Potter DH1 and it was amazing!! I ADVISE YOU ONT READ FURTHER UNLESS SEEN THE MOVIE!!! So the good news: It was the best Harry Potter ever. There were some good laughs. I … Continue reading

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Hey, it’s Noah the new author. I play CP as P80228313 AKA FIRENUN1. I will have many stories, but first did you know that the actor that plays Percy in HP’s birthday was November 8th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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